LOOKING to reduce lines and wrinkles or help hold them off for longer? Look no further than the NEWA, the ideal home-use skin tightening and rejuvenating gadget.


The NEWA has actually been available for a few years, but recently had a bit of a facelift and has been making a bit of a buzz throughout the beauty world recently.


A hit with beauty editors and bloggers, it looks likely to become a huge seller in 2017, and offers the perfect solution to anti-ageing at home without having to go to the salon.


The NEWA looks very much salon ready, but is an easy to use, compact and lightweight piece of kit that you can take anywhere and use any time to combat all of your ageing woes.


Using 3DEEP skin tightening  technology  that isn’t usually found outside of a skin clinic, the NEWA works to rebuild collagen and stimulate the skin.


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It’s all about getting younger looking skin and appeals to people of all age groups. Whether you want to hold off the ageing process or reduce the signs which are already there, this is the perfect product.


For younger users aged from around 25-35, it firms the skin to give a more radiant and improved complexion with the results noticeable after just one treatment. This means it’s ideal for a quick boost before a big night out or special occasion.


For anyone over 35, NEWA works hard to rebuild essential collagen, while lifting, toning and tightening the skin to give younger looking skin. In clinical trials, 90% of users have enjoyed improved wrinkle appearance after a month of treatment.


The NEWA is easy to use, compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere...

The NEWA is easy to use, compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere…


It works exactly like the similar facial treatments you get in the salons – you use it with activator gel and glide it across the face in a constant circular motion across the area you want to treat.


Treatment takes just eight minutes so it doesn’t take long – and means you can do as many areas of the face you want  in a short time.


It is designed to be used three to five times a week for the first four weeks, and then twice a week from there.


Priced at £350, this is definitely worth an investment – in the long run you’ll save a fortune on salon treatments and you’ve got freedom to use it whenever you want – it’s so light and compact you can take it on holiday too, so you never need to miss a treatment.


The NEWA is available to buy from NEWA Beauty.


*Beauty and the North East is currently testing the NEWA and will post a full review after four weeks of treatment.