NOTHING says Christmas is here quite like chilling out in a lovely warm bath filled with something from the Lush Christmas collection.

As ever, this year the brand has gone Christmas crackers with its range of bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, gifts and more, and I’ve been testing out four bath treats from this year’s collection.

Puddy Holly Bubbleroon, £4.95

If you’re a fan of Lush’s bubbleroons, you need to stock up on this before it sells out!

It’s quite similar to the discontinued (and much loved) Green Bubbleroon but with a lovely festive twist.

Once crumbled into the bath it fills the tub with lovely bubbles and the room with a deliciously warm almost patchouli-like fragrance – very Lush – which makes it perfect for a pampering night in on cold winter nights

I tend to get two baths out of a bubbleroon, and the only thing that I’d say against this is that with half, it turns the bath quite a weird pale green which could benefit from being a bit deeper.

Other than that, it’s a big yes from me.

Candy Mountain Yule Log Bubble Bar, £3.95

If you’re a fan of Lush’s Creamy Candy bubble bar then read on, if not don’t, because it’s the same product but with a Christmas twist.

The old trusty can always be relied upon to deliver a gorgeous fragrance and mounds of lovely bubbles, and the festive version is no different.

It’s very sweet and pink, with a girly fragrance of candy floss mixed with vanilla, but it also leaves the skin soft and quite nicely moisturised.

Aside from the fact it’s pretty ugly to look at, it’s definitely one to snap up if you like long and luxurious pink baths.

Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar, £3.95

I’ve never been totally convinced by Lush’s reusable bubble bars and after trying this one the jury is still out.

Now, it does look nice and Christmassy and I also quite like the way you can add as much or little as you want, but I found the fragrance a little boring and just a bit typical.

It’s billed as fresh and fruity but I don’t really find it to be either, it’s more of a sweet fragrance like the old bubble wand with a bit of a sharper edge.

It does create nice bubbles although they vanish quite quickly and turns the water a weak orange shade, but it is pleasant enough to bath in, although it does leave the skin a little dry.

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb, £4.95

Naturally, this has a wonderful energetic fizz and fills the bath with deep blue sparkle which smells delicious. It also leaves the skin very soft and feeling gorgeous, thanks to almond oil and creamed coconut.

However, while it smells of bright bergamot when you’re bathing, I personally don’t like the almost clinical after smell it left on my skin later on.

It lingers for hours and I personally found it a bit unpleasant, which is a shame given how lovely the bathing experience was.