EVER fancied trying the much talked about LVL lashes but not got around to it yet? Well there’s never been a better time because thanks to this fantastic exclusive offer, you can save £10 on a full set of the most desirable lashes in town at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic!


Yes, the leading beauty haven in Northumberland Street in Newcastle city centre is offering Beauty and the North East readers £10 off the treatment until the end of April 2015.


So what are LVL lashes? It seems while most people have heard of them, many think it’s simply another variety of lash extensions, so let me put that idea to bed right here and now.


LVL is a natural eyelash enhancement that takes what you were given and gives them the wow factor in less than 45 minutes – and it’s completely pain free.


It’s far more than your standard eyelash perm. The LVL system straightens your natural lash from the root to make them look longer and thicker. They are then given a gentle tint which gives the appearance of light mascara which means you’ve got eyes which look incredible all day.


I’ve had similar treatments in the past, so earlier this month I visited Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic to sample the LVL treatment for myself.


If you’re a regular visitor to Newcastle city centre, chances are you’ve walked past Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic hundreds of times. It’s located in Northumberland Street, just above Superdrug.


From ground level it’s just a doorway but when you step inside its lovely large salon. It’s bright and well designed and sprawls a couple of levels. It’s really quite deceptive, and I was surprised at how big it was as well as the amount of treatments on offer.


Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic is located in Northumberland Street, above Superdrug

It was established back in 1992 and it’s easy to see why it’s become such a strong success. The staff are great, they’re friendly and helpful and instantly put you at ease. It really does have everything you would expect from a city centre salon, and the prices are very competitive given its central location and its high reputation.


For my treatment I was led up to a treatment room on the second floor. The room was small but very comfortable, and I removed my makeup before lying back for the treatment.


I went in with an open mind of how pain-free or should I say fuss-free the treatment was going to be. As I say, I have had a similar treatment previously and I did find it a little painful as my lashes were stretched and I remember the chemicals itching a bit as they worked their magic.


But with LVL treatment there was none of that. If I said I didn’t feel anything at all really, it would not be an exaggeration.


My therapist explained in detail what she was going to do and then got straight to work. Lying back with my eyes closed, I was only really slightly aware that anything was happening to my eyes. I knew she’d applied shields to separate the bottom lashes and then I was aware of a little bit of action going on around the upper eye area.


I can’t stress enough here that I really wasn’t aware of any discomfort at all as the guard was placed on my lid above the upper lashes and then the lashes were combed, separated and the solution applied before the lashes were pushed back and stuck to the guard for around 15 minutes.

My lashes before….and straight after the application. The difference is very clear to see!


This is the point where I have previously experienced stinging and itchiness with other treatments, but with this one I genuinely experienced none of this. I lay back and chilled out for what didn’t seem long at all.


At some point the volumising fix was applied and allowed to take, and in what seemed like no time I was told it was time the tint, which is the final part. This didn’t take long at all and again there was no discomfort or even any awareness that anything was happening.


And that’s it – I was done. I looked in a mirror and I was really impressed. It looked like I had lovely big, wide lashes with a nice mascara on. The lashes weren’t too OTT – I’ve never been big on massive lashes, they’re just not me – but these were perfect.


LVL Lashes will last around six weeks and there isn’t a lot to worry about as far as aftercare is concerned. However, you can’t get them wet for 24 hours, and I decided against putting any eye make-up back on for the rest of the day.


I did meet a few people in the day and sort of mentioned I may look different as I had no eye make-up on, but they all said it looked like I did – if ever there was proof needed that LVL Lashes can give you that instant make-up on look, this was it.


I’m two weeks into my LVL Lashes and they still look fantastic. There is no need for mascara, although if I’m going out I do like to put some on just to give them a bit more of a dramatic boost.


If you’re looking for the fake lash effect without the hassle of falsies, LVL is the best alternative. They’re definitely worth trying, and I can certainly see me going and getting them done again. They’d be perfect for holidays or for people who get fed up of curling their lashes every morning. I love them.


LVL Lashes at Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic cost £60, but Beauty and the North East readers can get £10 off and experience LVL Lashes for just £50.


Simply quote Beauty and the North East offer when you book your appointment. This offer is only valid when mentioned in connection with Beauty and the North East and expires on April 30, 2015.


For more information about Newcastle Hair & Beauty Clinic visit the website, Facebook page or call 0191 232 2800