EVER since I discovered hair oil a couple of years ago, I’ve been unable to live without it.

There are several amazing products available which I pick and mix to suit my mood, but this latest offering from Ojon has quickly become my favourite.

Firstly, Ojon Instant Restorative Hair Serum is marketed – as it says on the tin – as a serum, but it actually works as both. Thanks to its versatility you can use it every day on dry or damp hair, which is what sets it apart from similar products.

If you’ve ever tried an Ojon product, you’ll know how great they are. I’ve yet to try one which doesn’t give an instant result, and the smell is always amazing.

And I’m pleased to report that this one certainly follows suit.

It is designed to instantly tame frizz and flyaways while repairing and protecting the hair from heat styling, chemical exposure and environmental damage and features two key ingredients: Ojon oil and its new miracle ingredient Rouge Oleifera, extracted from the fruit which surrounds each Ojon nut.

Application is easy. Simply warm one or two drops in the palms of your hands and apply to damp or dry hair, paying particular attention to the ends.

This is made easier than usual thanks to the drop applicator, so you can’t overdo it. I have short hair and on my first attempt I went bold with two drops but found it was too much. Next time I used just the one and the results were fantastic.

I’ve got pretty bad hair. It’s thin and dry and I love to play with straighteners, but I really found this product improved everything about it.

Firstly, it was incredibly soft and felt amazing, there was no noticeable frizz and it gave a lovely high shine.

My hair also looked thicker and very healthy, and I also found it made styling a lot easier. My hair had body and there was no need to use any further product. I’d even say it looked great.

It has a delicious sweet fragrance and left no oily or greasy residue, and thanks to the fact you only need a maximum of two drops, the 50ml bottle will last for months.

Ojon Instant Restorative Hair Serum is £22/50ml available at John Lewis, Eldon Square, Newcastle.